Welcome to Jekyll-Pro-Theme!

Jekyll-Pro-Theme is a Github Pages theme for my professional and project websites

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Jekyll-Pro-Theme is a simple Jekyll theme to use with GitHub Pages. The theme is based on Bootstrap 4, makes use of the Font Awesome icon set and Prism for code syntax highlighting. Bootstrap’s responsive CSS classes ensures that the theme also works on mobile devices.

The idea for the theme was borne out of a need to have a uniform look to my professional web site and my Github project websites. The theme is constantly evolving and changing to fit my changing needs as my projects develop. Creating a theme was a way for me to keep code duplication to a minimum and make maintenance easier across my projects. Hopefully, someone else will also find it useful.

Release notes

pro-theme v.0.1.0

Contributing to Jekyll-Pro-Theme

  1. Go to GitHub and create an account if you don’t have one.
  2. Fork the project and clone it locally on your computer. Make sure that the repository is synced remotely before you move on to the next step.
  3. Create a new branch for each bug fix or new feature you want to add.
  4. Do the work and write a descriptive commit message. If you have added a new feature, please contribute documentation and tests.
  5. Push the changes to your remote repository.
  6. Create a new pull request for each bug fix or new feature added.
  7. Respond to any code review feedback.

This list is based on a great post on how to contribute to a github project.